"Transition" 2021

With the fall equinox less than three weeks away now, I thought I’d share one of my favorite scenes I photographed last year, just as the leaves were beginning to change color in this small aspen grove near my home. It’s not often that I find aspen scenes with this much green that ‘work’ still, since usually the trunks and branches that would give structure are too obscured.

Technical Details

Single exposure. 120mm or so. f/11.


This is lovely! Great depth.

Lovely image Eric. The structure of the trees and their vertical form really show well.

Love this one! Thanks for sharing.

Eric, the repetitive pattern of the trunks makes for a firm structure to my eye, while the delicate foliage with its signs of transition adds a lot of interest. Your composition keeps me exploring the image throughout the frame.

Gotta love those Aspens. This is a very striking image, Eric. Thanks so much for sharing.