What is autumn but a perfect connubiotion between romance and melancholy? We can tell each other through the images and through what we live and see, whether they are human beings, whether they are objects, whether they are nature.
I wrote a short thought about my autumn romance 2021, if you like take a look at the link :slight_smile:

Technical Details

Composite: No


Sensational image, Antonio.

Antonio, this image is striking a chord in me, there are most interesting aspects in your composition. While the branches are leaning to the left, symbolizing their longing for a vanished past for me, the firm trunks make for a kind of stability that anchores the composition as well as the mood to my eye. The autumn colors together with only some subtle hints of still remaining green are consistent with the sense of transition that your images conveys so convincingly to me. Thanks for sharing.

What a gorgeous and peaceful image! There are a surprising amount of sharp leaves against a lovely subdued BG.

Thank you very much David

Thank you so much Peter, Iā€™m happy with your nice comment. I had photographed this image a week before, but the tree had more leaves and the mood did not convince me, it lacked that touch that I was able to find during this gloomy day. Thanks again

Thank you so much Diane

As others have said, this is really beautiful. I like the soft colors with the fog. I also like the composition with those two tree trunks on the right side.

Thank you very much, you are very kind