In this image, I tried to capture the movement and shimmer of the Aspen leaves as they twist and turn in the wind. This photo was taken in the Warner Mountains of Southeast Oregon.

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Any feedback is welcome and appreciated.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


Great image, a gold treasure indeed! I like the bluriness, is it due movements and longer exposure time? A matter of personal opinion, and a minor issue, but maybe the brightest highlights could be darkened a tad?

Funny, I was thinking perhaps the darker leaves could be a tiny bit darker, but either or, I like it because it makes me feel as if I am there watching the leaves.

I can certainly understand why you titled this Treasure. They look like gold coins. It’s like opening a treasure chest and seeing these things shine. There is also a modernist look to this fairly loose composition. I don’t know what to recommend in the way of improvement. I sort of agree that the blown out highlights should be addressed. On the other hand, if all is blurry than what difference do overexposed highlights make? I guess I’m just not qualified to comment on blurry images.

Perfect! The leaves do resemble gold coins in a treasure chest. I wouldn’t change anything. The highlights on a few leaves are quite bright, but they work. It’s as if the light is reflecting off the odd coin.

Shimmering gold. So beautiful, Chris, as it is!

I think you got it, Chris! Poplar and aspen are so gorgeous, but sometimes difficult to photograph in a way that isn’t static, to broad or to isolating. This scene is a nice balance. The leaves do look like a shower of gold coins. Precious and fleeting. Something that comes into your consciousness for a brief time, but lasts in the memory. Something you want to return to again and again.

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Thank you all for your varied and interesting comments. Much appreciated.

I love the great variety of shades of yellow, the depth looking through the leaves, the creative designs. Is this dynamic invariance? I really love this image Chris.

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This is quite lovely Chris, what a wonderful mosaic of gold coins. Given the overall softness and warmth of the image, the brightest highlights in the leaves don’t bother me much. And I would be very careful in trying to pull that clipping down, go too far and you risk losing some of the energy and vitality in this image.

@Ed_McGuirk I’m grateful for your detailed comments on the photo.