Trifoliate Orange

Trifoliate Orange, Invasive species found in the south and along the east states. Originally imported from China and now invading and taking over woodlands, fields and transition areas making them useless. The plant is extremely difficult to erraditcate .

Nikon D7100, 10-105 nikkor lens at 45mm
f/32 1/250 @1000iso


Greg, I live in NC, and I am not sure I have seen one of these yet. It is pretty though. I will have to keep my eye out for it. Is the plant very tall? I see thorns on it, it looks like.

Trifoliate Orange by county

That should be a link to an early warning map. It may be pretty but it is unstoppable once established with anything short of drastic measures.

If you remember your folktale about brer rabbit and brer Fox…Brer Rabbit could not go through this stuff once established!

link to more info

I sincerely hope you do not find any.

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