Triplet cubs

It was so exciting for me to watch and photograph the baby lions. They were so playful, there were many, but I loved how these 3 seemed to pose for me.
Sony A7111 with a Sony 100-400
F8, 1/2000, ISO 1250, focal length 400 mm

They are just adorable, Roni. It does look like they posed for you. When I pull it up in the larger view on my screen, it doesn’t look as sharp as one would like. I am wondering if this is a large crop. If so, does the surrounding area include distractions, or can you pull out a little bit and still have a nice shot of them? I do love the way they are all looking in the same direction, and not right into the camera.

It is a large crop, they were quite a distance from our truck. Not sure I can make it sharper.

I sure am sorry to hear that. They are cute as cute can be, and their pose is just adorable.

Very cute !
I like he way they are in a huddle.