Tubular #1 + Reworks


MY REWORK to address bright ULC, change the crop for better balance (in theory anyway):


Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


I’m starting to experiment with ICM, taking the camera with me on my usual morning walk. The scenery along the trail is rather uninspiring this time of year - grasses are tired, shrubs are shedding their leaves, and a general air of everything beaten down by the sun. It’s very entertaining, then, that ICM can bring some life back into the everyday scenes.

This particular image is of a very tired elderberry bush which has lost most of its leaves. I was photographing this same bush this morning and two ladies walking by stopped to ask what I was taking pictures of. I tried to explain and they looked at me like I was crazy - lol.

Specific Feedback

Any comments welcome. What about the overall balance? Too much brightness in the ULC?

Technical Details

Screen Shot 2023-09-07 at 11.47.29 AM
Processed in ACR and LR. Basic dodging/burning to even out exposure, expanding the histogram, then adjusting saturation. The colors were there, but not quite as vibrant as processed; colors weren’t changed, though.

I think the upper left is fine, Bonnie. This is just awesome. Turning an elderberry into a science fiction scene with no sense of an organic basis. To me it looks like an artist’s conception of entering some weird fifth dimension.

My first thought was of a sea creature reaching for me with its tentacles.

I like this. A lot of ICM fails to work for me but you’ve reached the point where you can control it and use it creatively.

I wondered about the brightness in the upper left. I decided it was fine. I wouldn’t darken it but I might try a little more texture and/or clarity if you haven’t already.

“I was photographing this same bush this morning and two ladies walking by stopped to ask what I was taking pictures of. I tried to explain and they looked at me like I was crazy .” I’ve had very similar experiences. No one has called the police yet.

Thanks @Dennis_Plank and @Don_Peters.

Well, I don’t know about that. It’s really all a big experiment every time.

I did add some clarity already, but you’re right - it needs a bit more. Will post rework.

:rofl: They probably won’t. Both of us are at the age where we look relatively harmless.


Wow! Fascinating, fantastic! Who would know an elderberry bush? Of course it doesn’t matter what it is originally, this is simply wonderful!

Agree with others, some sort of creature reaching out with long tentacles… But also, this has a strong biology look to it - as in DNA strands, or something along those lines. Very cool!

Agree about the brightness UL and I think your edit is spot on! Very minor - you might consider selectively desaturating the greens on the LL edge. that pulls the eye just little bit. minor for sure.

Ya know Bonnie - this would make either a great discussion topic, or maybe even a weekly challenge. I’m sure we’ve all been there and had those conversations with passers-by. I know I have. It seems to happen even more when one is waving their camera around seemingly for nothing over some non-destript bush, or whatever. It helps when you show these folks an example by playing back on the display to show them what you’re doing! Fun to see t he reactions and hear the comments!

Beautiful ICM work Bonnie! Keep it up!


Thanks for your thoughts, @Lon_Overacker!

Bonnie, great job on the edited version. My eye now stays within the frame instead of being pulled to the ULC. This is another engaging ICM image. I was scratching my head at first glance of the true subject without reading the description. To me, it looks like a slice of biology as Lon mentioned. The tubular shapes really stand out.

You wrote: “…that ICM can bring some life back into the everyday scenes.” I totally agree with this. ICM transforms the ordinary into something new and something that can engage the viewer to prompt questions. Well done as always!

Thank you, @Alfredo_Mora.

![TubularV2-2|621x500](upload://Ps8tp1tZQnCQZWwAb4PFohvReJ.jpeg Such a stunning and creative image! The ULC is a bit bright, and commands too much attention. I used an inverted, oval radial gradient to create a subtle vignette, and another radial gradient in the (lower) center, adding VERY LITTLE highlight and clarity, just to draw the eye more towards the center of the image. Really, really like this, Bonnie! Kudos!

Thanks @J_Fritz_Rumpf. Did you post your example? I think it didn’t work. I’d like to see it!

I hope this worked :slight_smile:

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Thanks, @J_Fritz_Rumpf. Your edits are subtle, but effective. I added your version to the OP for comparison.

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It’s all been said and I agree. This is crazy good!

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I keep looking at this image Bonnie; simply love it!

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