Turbulent Field

I took this photo at a local park/nature conservatory, Pope Farm Conservatory in Middleton, WI on a nice Fall day a couple of weekends ago. It is a beautiful spot and I got several nice images that day. This is one of my favorites from the shoot, which I altered a bit with some creative editing.

Technical Details

Composite: Yes
I swapped the sky here for another one using a masking tool in On1Photo which intuitively places it where the original was, at least for the most part. I then played with other levels and filters and upped the color concentration just a tad.
Shot on a Canon Rebel T5.

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I love this, the colours, composition (especially inclusion of the road) and the seamlessly swapped sky. Gorgeous photo.

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Thanks so much Mike, I appreciate your kind words about my photo. I also thought that including the road/path would help make a more interesting composition, so I’m glad that you thought so as well. :blush: