A quiet evening at Joshua Tree, March 2017. Crazy as Joshua Tree is getting, there still are a few places where you can find a lonely spot to feel night coming over you.

Carl Zeiss Vario Sonnar 35-70mm, Sony A7R, ISO 400, 25s, Capture One.

I believe that I may have posted this image (or a similar one) in the old NPN a year or so ago. That was when I had just switched over to Capture One. I feel that my confidence with Capture One has increased dramatically since then and that I can now do a better job - this is it:sunglasses:

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This image has such a peaceful feeling to it. Nice work!

There is a nice, almost moonlit, glow to those rocks. Very nice.

Alberto, this indeed looks very peaceful and inviting. The rocks and J-tree show very well. The scattering of stars and thin clouds complete the mood nicely.

Superb, Alberto. Serene and beautiful with wonderful blue tones!

Thank you all!!