Tyger Tyger

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome.

Technical Details

1/20sec f/8 ISO100 Focus stacked.


Simply gorgeous, with wonderful color and detail, and fantastic composition!! And a great title! I love the two scars that have the lighter orange areas entering from the two sides.

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Thanks for the feedback Diane.

What’s not to love about this? Such dramatic colors and textures. Mesmerizing. What a tree it must be.

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Andre, love the intersecting patterns here with the vertical “scars” against the horizontal bands or stripes. Wonderful image and great eye!

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@Alfredo_Mora @Kris_Smith Thanks for the comments.

A very striking image and I love the warm colours! :blush:

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Thanks for the feedback Tom.

Beautiful simplicity. You could sit for hours looking at it and still find something new. Well done.

Not much to add beyond what others have said. This is really striking and would look great printed Big! I can imagine a square crop too, but there’s something about the full length of this that adds to the energy and viewer engagement.

Really nice work!

@StephenPrunier @Marylynne_Diggs Thanks for the comments.

A really nice image.

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“Tyger” indeed! Wonderful, natural repeating patterns you’ve discovered and captured. Not much to add to all the nice comments. Great job isolating the patterns to create this natural abstract.

If I was to suggest anything, it would be a crop - only to repetitive from other comments I’ve made at other times, but the tall format with repeating patterns, I suppose could be cropped for an alterntive presentation. I don’t know that it would produce a better image, as I think your presentation works beautifully already.


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Thanks for the feedback Lon.

Very efficient. Simple, almost aggressive handling works great. Maybe the bottom edge is a little messy, but otherwise the comp is excellent

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Thanks for the feedback Jorma.

I think just slightly cooling down the white balance could give you some great color separation here and add some visual interest. Very nice scene!

Thanks Eric. Good call.