Tyler State Park Fog

Good morning everyone. I would like to get some feedback on these shots, for I am uncharacteristically indecisive. They are the same shot except one is cropped tighter in the field. I want a minimalist composition, so I like the right shot with the fog providing negative space. Yet I like the balance of trees on both river banks provided by the left shot. Any input on my concern or otherwise is welcome.

Nikon D810 with a Nikon 24-120 f/4 lens. Lee Little Stopper ND filter and .60 ND grad. Manfrotto tripod with RRS ballhead

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I like both images but if I had to pick one I would pick the left image because like you say it is better balanced.

I definitely prefer the first composition. I like the image but the blue toning/color is really not working for me. Otherwise, I quite like it.

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My preference is also the more balanced image on the left Marc. This image might be a good candidate for B&W.

Ditto; love the balance of the one on the left. I also love @Eva_McDermott idea about a BW!

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I prefer the image on the right. The reasons the others liked the first image better are the reason I don’t prefer it: it is too symmetrical. I love the empty space on the right.

I like the right image by some margin. It simply makes me feel more, rather than just see. Love the impressionistic style that draws you in. The tree. The mist. The stories it could tell…

Well done, lovely image :+1:

Thank you everyone. I like both images, but for some reason I just couldn’t make up my mind. Like the scene, perhaps my mind is a bit foggy. Anyway, I agree about the white balance. Although it was changed little from the default camera (Auto) setting in post-processing, I’m not too happy with the blue color. I will probably set the image away for a few weeks at least and return with a fresh perspective. Maybe that will render a clear decision.

Hi @Marc_McCann, both images are nice in my opinion. I like how you processed the scene. I see the cropped version a little bit unbalaced due to the negative space. Did you try 1:1 crop? Thanks for sharing.

Another vote for the one on the right.