Unable to post

Hi Am getting the below error when postin

You supplied invalid parameters to the request: Category not allowed for topic creation.

Balan Vinod

Hi Balan, I’m sorry for the trouble you’re having. Can you give some more details, like what category you’re trying to post to, and if you could provide screenshots that would be very helpful, ideally of the whole browser, not just the error. Thank you

Edit: I am able to reproduce this and am looking into to fixing this asap!

I didn’t get that error, but clicking DONE on a critique submission doesn’t do anything. The page stays where it is.

Thanks Balan, that helped me get closer to a solution. We will keep working on this and let you know when we have a fix. I apologize for the inconvenience.

This should be fixed now! Please use the ‘Submit New…’ button in the header to post your image, you previous attempt may be saved. I’m sorry for the trouble.

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Hello David,

Thanks for that, its working now, and have submitted.


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