Underneath the sunbeams.!

I capture this one when I was looking towards the sun above my head and immediately this idea strike in my mind to capture this moment

Hi Pkamy,

That lens flare really adds. The red spots look like the petals of a flower. Quite the dynamic range, shooting straight up at the sun, so it looks like the brightest areas have lost definition; I know from personal experience that’s hard to deal with! Regardless, I think this works because of the beauty of the flare.

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Thank you sir, from next time i will keep in mind your words and capture better one than this.

Pkamy, this is an interesting image, I have never seen lens flare that looks as much like a flower as it does in your image. The lens flare is so unique and interesting that it essentially becomes the subject of the photo. You did not list any technical information for this image, ie camera and lens used, focal length, aperture, etc. I would be curious to learn what lens and setting produced such a a nice looking flare.

Shooting directly into the sun like this makes it impossible to get detail in the sky near the sun and in the tree in one exposure. You could have gotten an exposure that held more detail in the sky, and let the tree go full silhouette (which it nearly is anyways).

My other suggestion would to clone away the bright patches of sky along the frame edge in the lower right corner. Bright areas near the edge of the frame can pull ones eye away from the center.

But overall, I like the image because the lens flare is so unique it adds a lot to the image here.

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Thank you so much sir,your suggestions are insightful💡from next time, i will this in mind .
And actually this photo is from moto G Play 7.1.1 mobile rear cam. I just put focus on the sun beams and capture at right moment. i just uploaded another photo. can you tell me whether in that pic i am able to clone away the bright patches


Welcome to NPN. I must agree with previous comments in that the lens flare has really created a unique image. I’m guessing you were primarily interested in the sun dancing between the clouds, peeking out from behind the trees, etc., because you wouldn’t really have seen any flare until you snapped the image?

The limited sun star is also pretty effective - kinda like when a planet blows up in Star Wars or Star Trek… :wink:

The only suggestion I have would be a square crop and going with a dead-center composition with sun at center and the flare creating a pedal-like presentation.

Thanks for sharing,


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Thank you sir, for your suggestion. Later on,i will your suggestions in mind. Actually, while capturing this moment my main focus was on sun rays only the way it is keeping out and making effects . Pune, City in Maharashtra, India,this place weather is magical and photo genic type,i went there this summer.