Upcoming panel discussion with Aaron Reed & Colby Brown - what are your questions!?

Hey everyone! Coming soon, we will have both Aaron Reed and Colby Brown on the show to field all of your questions on business and marketing. So let’s hear your questions and thoughts for these two great guys.


For Aaron, I see you have made it around the PNW quite a bit. Do you have any favorite areas that have stood out or speak to you for any particular reason?

For Colby, I love your aurora shots and it has always been on my bucket list (its going to happen sooner rather than later especially after listening to Ole). For someone going out for their first time do you have any tips that you think would be useful? Maybe ones that aren’t so basic such as basic camera settings. Things that you have learned from your experience.

Thanks in advance, can’t wait for the episode! I am going to be running a marathon in Banff on Sunday (I hope I do not die) and will save this episode until then to hopefully help be distracted from the pain!

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Here’s one question for growing email lists: Many e-commerce companies automatically opt their customers into marketing email lists. That’s a gray area for data compliance. What is their individual policy for this; do they opt in their customers without asking?