Uploading an image

I was at Page 2 of 3 when uploading for Image Critique, and had added detailed info to the boxes. Then I pressed BACK to check what title I had given the image, taking me back to Page 1. Unfortunately this deleted all my Page 2 info, as I discovered on returning there. Is there any way this can be changed so that going back does not erase the info on Page 2? If this is not an easy fix, please ignore.
Thanks, Mike

Hey Mike, this is not expected behavior, it should be saving. I just tested this out and it did in fact save page 2 inputs when I went form page 3 to page 1. What browser are you using? Can you reproduce this again by putting in some random text to see if it saves? Did you click the back button in the form, or the back button in your browser? Thanks, just trying to get to the bottom of this.

Thanks for getting back so fast, David. I tried it again, inserting random text, then clicking the form’s Back button, and the text was again deleted after I returned. I’m using Edge 119 as my browser - maybe that’s why.

Hmm, I can’t reproduce this in Edge either. Do you have any extensions installed?

I’m not sure what “extensions” means here, David. I do have an ad blocker. If it is OK for Edge, no worries, I’ll just not use the Back button in future, no problem. Everything else works just fine.

The adblocker is an extension, for example. It could be caused by the adblocker, or if you have ublock origin, maybe. You could try disabling those for NPN. Otherwise I’m not really sure what could be causing this.

OK, thanks very much for checking, David.