Vermont at Minus 8F

Spent a couple of days trying to photograph Vermont in winter - bitterly cold. As I was meandering through, I saw this and immediately pulled over
The sun started peeking through and with it the mist started lifting off the snow and ice
This is cropped 30-40 % but very minimally processed in LR - just wondering if needs anything

Specific Feedback Requested

Any mist / fog experts ?

Actually let see others imaginative thinking

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Handheld f/8 1/200 of a sec

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Nice mood from the fog and a fine cold looking scene. I might clone out or crop down to eliminate the bright spot ULC but otherwise, processing looks good.

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The fog adds an almost other-worldly feeling to this one Karl. The B&W treatment adds to the story of the starkness of winter. The lack of color boils this image down to shapes, lines and textures , which is very effective.

My suggestions for tweaks include

  1. cloning in the ULC (as mentioned by @Harley_Goldman

  2. adding some edge vignetting to focus more attention on the center of the image

  3. and total nitpick, I’d vote to clone away the small chunk of snow in the center of the stream, it just draws too much attention for my taste.

Thanks @Harley_Goldman and @Ed_McGuirk
Besides your suggestions, I gave this another twist

Thoughts anybody ?

I love the view and the mist, and like the suggestions above. I also find the amount of detail in the water in the LL a little bit of a distraction. I also wondered about a little more structure in the mist. There wasn’t enough information in the JPEG to work with but here’s a quick attempt.

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That may be a good idea @Diane_Miller - LLC - thanks

Now the mist - what technique did you use to make the mist more prominent ? Thanks

Fortunately I saved the PS layered file in case you asked. First I did a Tonal Contrast (in Nik CEP) and masked away all but the center. Then did a Camera Raw filter on the BG and did strong negative clarity and masked away all but the LL corner. (A much better way on the full file would be a lot of low-opacity cloning.) That was clumsy as I had to move this layer above the Tonal Contrast layer – should have done it first. Then I did a stamped copy of all the layers and did a Nik CEP Detail Extractor and masked out the LL, to keep the smoothness. Then a curves to increase contrast a little and masked that to the middle. I was fighting to keep the snow from blowing out too much. A lot could maybe be done in the raw stage, maybe with the new masking tools, and undoubtedly even more in PS with the TK panels.

Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 4.02.20 PM

Thank you @Diane_Miller . I didnt think of Nik - there is also Pro-contrast - But have to be very careful with both - very easy to over do it

Fog and mist like this si SO subtle – lovely and frustrating! However you treat this one, it’s a wonderful image!