I spent several days camping at this location on the Grand Canyon, North Rim. Although the clouds were minimal, the light was spectacular when it first hit the canyon walls. My tripod was setup on a ledge below the rim - so, it was literally “over-the-edge”.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

24mm, 3 image blend, f22


Wow Bill! I love that. Excellent composition. I think the vertical really does a nice job of conveying your height. Sun on the rocks is beautiful.

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Cameron, thanks for the feedback. I don’t limit my photography to golden hours, but at this location the morning rays hitting the red rocks make such a huge difference! I kept shooting for another hour, but none of those images had the same impact.

Wow! This shot clearly fits the theme, Bill! I love the light on the cliff and the vertical composition is perfect for displaying the height. The large version is especially nice as it has much more presence and really amplifies that sense of vertigo! Well done! :+1:

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This is a great shot, Bill. The visual balance between the drama of the big red cliff on the left and the arc of the distant river leading to a gently colored sky works very well.

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