Wakie Wakie for the Camera, please

These tiny frogs are as cute in person as they are in images. While watching the guide work with this little guy, I realized he just wanted to go back to sleep! I was very fortunate to even see this frog as it was in the middle of the afternoon. My guide spotted it on the underside of a different leaf all tucked in to the point where it did not even look like a frog.

Technical Details


This is too cute! I love how you captured him peeking over the edge of the leaf.

This is fantastic! What a great moment you’ve got here. I love the vibrant colors too. So well done!

Amazing! Looks like he’s watching you back.

An eye-catching image for sure (oh yeah, see what I did there?). But I’m a little disturbed by your description of the guide “working with” this tiny creature. Did the guide move the animal from where it was to where it is in the photo?

Aside from that aspect, I like the pose and how you’ve included a lot of leaf. The highlights appear a bit hot (was someone holding a light?) and could be taken down some. Maybe some of the saturation, too. Great sharpness and I love those little toes!

Ha Ha! Yes, great play on words! I understand your feelings. The guide was very well trained. The frog was never touched and he broke off the original leaf and allowed the frog to crawl onto a leaf more suitable for photography. He also limited the time of shooting to just a few frames. Once the frog left the leaf, the photo session was over. Even though, I could have spent much more time shooting and just enjoying, I totally understood. The problem for me, in most of my frames, this little guy has his eyes closed or slightly shut.

Thank you for the pointers. I will try desaturating and toning down the highlights. Yes, the guide also had a hand held video light with him as we were in the rainforest.

Ooops! I didn’t mean to critique your shot as it’s in showcase. Doh! I can remove that if you’d like, totally my bad.

No worries … I totally appreciate. I am new and still feeling out this site. This makes me more comfortable to move onto the critiques category.

Phew, thanks. I don’t usually goof like that so I apologize.

And I’m glad to hear that the guide was so caring in showing this little one to you. Not directly handling amphibians is always a good idea since their skins are so absorbent. Plus they’re fragile and probably I wouldn’t like it if the roles were reversed. You did a great job with the opportunity you had so congrats on the photo.

So cute, Jennifer! So glad you got the opportunity to point your camera in his direction. I’m enjoying this shot.