Walk Into The Light

This was on the last day of the workshop that I and my good friend Chris Byrne hosted on the southern Oregon coast and the California Redwoods.

When our group hit this trail there was no evidence for hope to have any conditions other than sunshine, but when we got about 100 yards up the trail a fog came sifting in through the trees from the ocean creating an epic ending to the workshop.

The feeling of standing in the big trees, especially if it’s your first time is pretty incredible, but when you’re standing in the big trees and the sun beams start radiating at you from above… it’s life changing.

Technical Details

Composite: No
This is a single exposure hand held. I was very busy helping my clients during changing and challenging light so my settings… and even my composition, weren’t well thought out. I just jacked up my ISO, flipped it to Aperture Priority tried to look at my Live View and hoped for the best. Taken with my trusty D850 and my excellent Tamron 24-70 f/2.8.


That is some stunning light Gary! Great to see you sharing your work here.

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Awesome shot, Gary! Love the D850!

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Hey Gary, good to see you here on NPN. Well thought out or not, it still takes expertise to pull something like this off. Well done.

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Hi Alfredo!! Thanks buddy. I need to spend more time here. It’s one of the best corner’s of the internets.

Hi Fritz. It is the best DSLR ever made… and it keeps me from spending money on mirrorless gear. :smiley:

Hi David. Thank you sir. :slight_smile: I appreciate that. I plan on spending more time here in the future. :slight_smile:

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This might help me stay on the D850 ledge, and not jump into mirrorless :smile:

If money were no object I’d have two of them and a brand new car, but when it comes down to need or being practical, I don’t really need a mirrorless thanks to my D850.

I usually upgrade when I drop my camera body off of a cliff or drown it in the ocean. :smiley: rofl

As quick a capture as this was, it is a fine moment in time which I am sure you will reminisce upon in future years. Nicely done, per usual, Gary.

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Hi Cody. And in photography, isn’t that all that really matters? :slight_smile: Thank you my friend.

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Well, no ocean or cliffs for me, but I have been doing my very best in other places :grimacing: :roll_eyes: :disguised_face:

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Amazing image, what a great light. Thanks for sharing.

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Thank you Ola. :slight_smile:

That’s so funny. I love it.

Another beautiful post Gary. Magical light and fog. Well done!!