A massive male polar bear (Ursus maritimus) near Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, takes an interest in the photographer and wanders toward him.
EF 70-200mm+2x @ 280mm

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the polar bear is really cute. good shot!

Thank you Susan.
Polar bears are universally considered to be cute. Especially their young. Their cherubic round faces and black button eyes capture our imagination and stir fond memories of Christmas advertisements for Coca-Cola. However, to experience real polar bears in their environment is an adventure far from the fantasies of Madison Avenue.
The reality is that polar bears are the largest land predator in the world. A large male can stand five feet at the shoulder and weigh up to 2000 pounds. They are aggressive and have been known to stalk humans. Hardly cute.

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I know they are looking cute but at far distance :sweat_smile: . I heard some really cool info from you about polar bears that I didn’t know. Thanks

Cool pose and love the curiosity level.

Thank you for your kind remarks, Jagdeep. Predators are naturally curious. They question if they have they spotted their next meal?