Water flow over mussels

I returned to a location at a local beach that has an interesting scene of water flowing over mussel-encrusted rock. Instead of trying to capture a literal image I experimented with different shutter speeds at different focal lengths and settled on this one.

Specific Feedback Requested

Given the somewhat abstract nature of it I’m curious as to any reactions anyone has.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

It has some potential, but it’s not working for me. Mostly because of the placement of the big dark areas of rock. They just sort of hang there and I’m not drawn into the image to explore it. The details are lost and they are just black holes. The shutter speed, too, didn’t bring any artistic difference here - either a faster or a slower one might have worked better, but that’s just me. Cascade details are so individual and difficult to work to isolate the best bit. It’s tough sometimes just to get into position. Do you have other shots from your time here? It looks like a great place to explore and relax into shooting.

I like the composition, and the shutter speed produces a texture in the water that works for me. However I agree with @Kris_Smith that the black point has made these rocks too dark, which gives them a lot of visual weight and draws too much attention to them. Generally our eyes are drawn to the brightest part of an image, such the interesting texture in the water. But here the rocks are so dark that they compete too much for our attenion (IMO).

Thank you Kristen M Smith and Ed McGuirk for your insightful feedback. I think I might try adjusting the black point/shadows and see what happens.

I do like the overall mood of the scene and the drama you get in this shot Dean.
I do agree that is to much on the dark side, you could try to open up the shadows and brighten the whites.
I also find the ULC a little confusing. I would crop it out.

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