Water Jewels

Any comments are appreciated.

Canon 5D MKIV, Canon 100mm macro, ring flash, f/29, 1/200 ISO 200

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A nice closeup of these gorgeous red leaves with lots of rain drops that do look like jewels, Don. Using the ring flash did give you more f-stop leverage to have more DOF, but it does leave a dark background. I think if it was mine I would try vignette or just darken the background. You might could even pull the highlights down some on the droplets. I find that with water drops a flash doesn’t always give me the results I had hoped to get. It is still a fine image as is, just some thoughts that might improve it.

Don: Really nice view and the drops are a nice bonus. I think your ring flash worked a lot better than a straight flash would have. Well done. >=))>

Don, the leaves and the drops really stand out, making a nicely dramatic presentation. If you really want to push the separation of the plant from the background, you can do some (more??) burning-in of the wood in the upper right corner. This looks very good as presented.

Thank you for your comments. The flash actually illuminated the background very well. It was intentional on my part to burn in the background to eliminate the distracting elements and bring a little drama to the lighting.

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Don, I like the contrast between the red leaves and the background. And agree with you that the darker background helps make the leaves stand out. Really nice photo.