West Virginia Wildflowers

A state planted patch of wildflowers along the highway.

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A beautifully done small scene Mike. Who said there is no nature photography to be done roadside? Actually in some years the best lupines in Sugar Hill NH are the ones that the state plants in the median strip of I93 !!! I only mention this since you have shot at Sugar Hill, so you know what I mean.

This image feels very nicely balanced. The top half with a lower density of flowers creates a nice contrast against the bottom with its higher density. I think this works much better than if the flower density was uniform across the image. The green / magenta contrast also works very well here too. My only suggestion would be to clone away the yellow flower in the extreme URC.

Beautiful. Great light. Nice undulating line between the two regions of interest. Agree with cloning the URC. Almost looks like a drone shot as I feel fairly high above the flowers. This imparts a somewhat unique feel to the image that sets it apart to my observation. Love this.

Your POV works beautifully for this lovely arrangement of flowers as it gives the viewer a birds eye view so to speak. The denser lower section compliments the sparser section up top perfectly. I also like the color palette of greens, yellows, reds and pinks along with the couple of white ones. I think placing the white flower just a bit off center is perfect. My only suggestion is the already mentioned cloning of the yellow flower in the URC by @Ed_McGuirk and @Jim_McGovern. I am really enjoying this scene.

I like the idea very much but I find the image strangely busy. You’ll notice all those lines and yellow spots in the upper green half. The bottom half feels a bit helter skelter also. I would have concentrated on just the upper portion with a good composition. I tried to reduce the contrast even though I doubt you will be happy with this.