Wet Cherry on a Spoon

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The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


I made this image of the Cherry sculpture by Claus Oldenburg in the Walker Art Center Sculpture Garden in Minneapolis. Is it nature, urban nature, semi-nature or something else? That’s for the editors and viewers to decide. My goal was to get the image with no sky or distractions from surrounding buildings, traffic, and visitors. I also wanted to capture the mist. By eliminating the distractions I hope I have somewhat transformed the sculpture from urban to nature.

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Cool sculpture! But the category would be Everything Else.

Hi Larry,

I think you’ve succeeded quite nicely in isolating this sculpture (avoiding the sky, other distractions, etc. as you mentioned.) With that isolation the image is 100% all about the scupture - and it took me a few moments to experience the entire piece of work (of course the title was quite helpful!)

To your question, I don’t believe any amount of isolation, positioning or composition transforms this to a nature image. Yeah, I get it’s “less urban”, but still the primary subject matter is the hand of man and not nature. For that, I’m going to go ahead and move to the “Everything else” category as Diane mentions.

This is an excellent photograph for sure. I really like the spray and the square format showcases the work nicely. thanks for sharing!

A very cool sculpture, Larry, and well done photograph. I don’t know if you’re into cloning but there are a couple of items I do find a bit distracting. There’s some kind of wire or hose that is parallel with the handle of the spoon and looks like it comes around the business end. There’s also a sign behind the trees, though you have to go to the largest version for it to be noticeable. You did a great job finding this angle to show off the piece.

Thanks, @Diane_Miller @Lon_Overacker @Dennis_Plank for your comments. No problem with making the image Everything Else. Dennis, thanks for noticing the distractions. I did so much cloning to get rid of sky and buildings that I failed to notice the distractions you mention. I appreciate your noting them.

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