What lies Beyond

What lies Beyond

(Mark Seawell) #1

As I departed Antelope Island State park, the most unusual light formed. I watched as patterns literally crossed the sky, striking and mysterious…what lies beyond.

Fuji X-T2
Lens: 55-200mm
Adobe Lightroom/SEP

(Michael McGee) #2

This is beautiful, not much else to say really.

(Ed McGuirk) #3

Mark for a dramatic light scene, this one has a very soft ethereal feeling to it, something you don’t often see together. your processing of the sky in this image is masterful.

(Ian Wolfenden) #4

Sort of Turner in monochrome - real sense of natural forces at work !

(Mark Seawell) #5

Thanks Michael!

(Mark Seawell) #6

Thanks Ed! I felt fortunate I was able to actually produce something I saw in my head. The “problem” with this image is that you can cut it differently ways with the colors or warm BW or…you get the picture.

(Mark Seawell) #7

Thanks Ian! It was a fun/difficult image to work with and one you could interpret several different ways which can be an issue.