When leaving a photo I am always taken back to the top of the page

In the past when I was scrolled way down in the bunch of photos, whenever I would open one and comment, after I closed it by clicking “back page”, I was taken pack to my place. Now when that happens I am taken back to the beginning. Any way to fix that? (Mac OS 20.14.6, Safari).

I’m able to reproduce that as well Tony, I’ll look into it and see about getting it fixed soon. In the meantime I would recommend opening images in a new tab (right click, open in new tab) and you won’t lose your position this way, to go back just close the new tab.

I’m still having the problem and can’t seem to open the images in a new tab as you suggested. On my Mac laptop, pressing Command then click is supposed to be the equivalent on a right click on a mouse, but it isn’t working. Any other suggestions?

Still working on this bug unfortunately, thank you all for your patience.

Tony, if you’re on a newer mac you should be able to command click on the photos to open them in a new tab, or use a two finger tap to do a right click. https://www.macworld.co.uk/how-to/mac/right-click-3610351/

Any progress in fixing this issue? As I mentioned above, command click doesn’t open in a new tab, a two finger tap opens a screen and then I have to choose “Open in a new tab”. Not a deal breaker, but it is a bit clumsy. I am using Mac OS 10.15.7 on a 2014 Macbook Pro.

Sorry Tony, no progress on this as it’s a complex issue. I’ll bug the developers again to see if we can make so inroads. I’m very frustrated with this as well. Thanks for your patience.