Where are the Nymphs?

Haven’t uploaded smth for a while, so here’s a small scene from my beloved Enipeas stream, at Mt. Olympus… I took this shot during a break on my day-hike there … I did not have a tripod or any filters with me, but gave it a try just because of the light on this scene. The sunlight was patchy as it passed through the trees, and added some drama to the composition. Having shared this picture on FB too, one friend commented with a question: “Where are the Nymphs ?”. That comment became the title for this post.


I love this image. You have mastered what few of us have been able to do: create a high contrast image that does not look busy, that looks cohesive. The water here is shot at a high shutter speed and that’s refreshingly different in that the high tones are not smeared across the canvas, which would have destroyed much of the beauty in this image.


The Nymphs are only half hidden in the soft creative shades in the front of the image. I love the contrast of the sharpness in the back and the softness in the front.

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You have pulled off a difficult feat here, getting this dappled high contrast light to be appealing. I think it’s the look in the water of the pool that helps make this work so well. Great work on processing here, this is a case where how you processed this makes a huge difference. And having that shaft of light on the falls itself adds something as well.

My only nitpick suggestion would be to burn down the bright green leaves in he extreme upper left corner, but that is a very minor issue. Overall this is very well done.

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They must be referring to the nymphs in mythology. The actual nymphs (insects) are under the rocks. Mayfly, Stonefly, Caddis. etc.

Sounds like you must be a fisherman Igor…

I was a fly fisherman for much of my life. Now I just accompany Alex.

@Igor_Doncov they were definitely not referring to the insects… we Greeks love our mythology :blush:

@Igor_Doncov @Giuseppe_Guadagno @Ed_McGuirk thank you for your feedback here … I was not particularly thrilled with this image but yours and other’s comments on FB really show how our work can be received and interpreted in unexpected ways. I have now also grew fond of this little scene :slight_smile: Thank you.