This time of year whinchats are passing by, mainly first CY birds. Here I did what I like a lot: shooting through a small opening in the vegetation to create a natural blur.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Nikon Z9 with 500mm f4 | 1/2500s | f5 | ISO250 | underexposed 1/3EV | camera on monopod. No artificial blurring - all blur because of the OOF vegetation.


Great shot Hans! I love the subject isolation.

Hi Hans,

The composition is perfect and the negative space has some nice variation with the OOF vegetation adding some nice effects to the overall image. An awesome photo…Jim

I like how the bird is naturally spotlighted through this technique. I like the use of negative space with nice colors and subtle texture.

A really great image. Perfect example of why the bird does not need to large in the frame. Shooting through vegetation made this so special.

Absolutely gorgeous, Hans. I agree that shooting through foreground vegetation really works well and this is a superb example.

Gorgeous!! You have a hide and the image has wonderful natural processing! Congratulations on the EP – well-deserved!

Hi Hans
I can’t count the number of time I have tried to shoot around vegetation to get a clean shot and you have shown me that the out of focus vegetation and make the photograph not hinder it. Thank you for the photo lesson.
Nice work.

Great image, Hans. A perfect example that you don’t need to photograph a spectacular bird to get a spectacular image.
Congrats on the EP.

Thanks all for your kind comments, and thanks also for the EP :slight_smile: ! Cheers, Hans

Oh boy, do I love the negative space on this one, Hans. Great job with the soft depth of field and OOF foreground and background. The perch is superb and the everything about the bird is just right. This is super sweet. Congratulations, Hans!!!