Whinchats are migrating at the moment. Over the last ten days I visited a place where I found some in the past. I found zero. Until yesterday, when I found some twenty (my conservative estimate). Since they are pretty shy, I photographed them from my car and the fence turned out to be the best place to get a good shot.

Nikon D500 @ 500mm | 1/800s | f7.1 | ISO400 | bean bag in car window

Thanks for viewing !

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A very nice look at this little guy, Hans. Such detail and color, and that BG is so soft and complimentary to the subject. I actually like that he is on barbed wire. We have moved into the area of wildlife, so it doesn’t bother me to see some post or fences as their perch. Very nice.

A very nice pose and excellent technically, Hans. You need some instant rust to make that perch look cool.

You got a nice look at this species, Hans. The wonderful background shows up the colors of this bird very well. I can even see your reflection in the winchat’s eyes.

Really an excellent bird image. This is a species with which I am not familiar but you have done a wonderful job with respect to detail, color, head turn and exposure. I even find the perch interesting. The background just makes it pop so nicely.

A beautiful capture, Hans.