ICM has intrigued me as a new technique to experiment with, mostly with nature and landscape as subjects. Many results have been duds but then an interesting result appears.

We had been suffering from a very dry spring but monsoonal moisture came early and wildflowers appeared in a dazzling display. These orange paintbrushes were grouped together in a meadow.

Technical Details

105mm, 1/6 sec, f16, iso64

Processed in LR- cropping, exposure and saturation


Beautiful soft colors and gentle movement, Anna. ICM is a fun technique and always a surprise, at least for me. This is a great start and I hope to see more of your ICM’s soon.

Hi Anna, pleasing pastel colors and motion in your image. I’m glad you gave ICM a try as it can open up some great creative potential. I would suggest a slight bump in overall exposure in your image. Thanks for sharing it here.

Linda and Alfredo, thank you for your comments!

You’re right Alfredo. Lightening the image wouldn’t compromise the mood I was striving for…instead, it could be a nice enhancement.

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