Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback is welcome but I am particularly interested in whether the image resonates - and why it does or doesn’t.

Technical Details

0.5 sec at f/18, ISO 200. B&W conversion in LightRoom.

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Hi Ric, I think the shutter speed you chose is a nice balance between softness and detail and I like the flowing forms of the water. I want the image to resonate, as I like a good water intimate. But I’d be curious to see it in color, because I feel like the forms here might not be enough to support the image in B&W.

The rock is a bit dark for my taste, as it runs counter to the otherwise clean, refreshing feel of running water. It’s also a bit blocky in shape (though it does have a bit of a curve at the top), so it just feels a bit jarring compared to the graceful curves of the water.

There is also the issue of most of the water being white/foamy without much darker water to balance it out, except for the all-dark water at the top, where the topmost white wave unfortunately almost touches the edge of the frame, creating a distracting point of tension.

Some of this could be mitigated/balanced out by brightening the rock/lessening its contrast, maybe lightening the upper-left water a tad, and darkening some of the lower-area whitewater midtones so that it’s not so close to homogenously white.

But I think what I would really like to see is either a bluish/color version to provide some more visual interest, or a different frame where perhaps the rock is less prominent and water is flowing over it. It feels like the distractions are an issue here as presented, and it simultaneously doesn’t have enough variance in the visual elements to hold my interest.

Keep in mind that I look at water intimates all the time and this is just my opinion, though. I don’t think it’s bad, I’m just feeling like there’s unrealized potential here. It’s also tougher to pull off such an image in B&W in the first place.

Rick what are those really small bumps on the black rock? Usually rocks that have water flowing over them are real smooth.

@Alex_Noriega thanks for taking the time to provide this thoughtful feedback. You’ve given me a lot of good stuff to consider here, which I needed and appreciate.

@Igor_Doncov I don’t recall specifically but my guess is the bumps are moss or algae, or perhaps irregularities in the rock itself, since it was a very tight zoom at 300mm.

Looks like wet moss to me.



I’m a little late to the party here, but I’ve been meaning to comment on this - because I love this image!

I love photographing water motion like this, and this one stands out pretty uniquely. I think what’s unique, or most intersting is the “rooster tail” of the water shooting up behind the rock. It almost looks out of place, but we all know what strange things moving water over and around rocks can do.

Don’t really have much to improve here. The only minor suggestion would be to raise the white levels in much of the whiter water (minus the rooster tail area). Not a big deal, but it is “white water” and perhaps could have more luminosity. But that’s being pretty nitpicky.

This is beautifully seen and captured.


Thanks so much, @Lon_Overacker ! I appreciate your feedback and look forward to experimenting with some of the suggestions you and Alex made.