White Tail Kite Encounters 2

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques to help others.

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Beautifully captured action scene congrats.

Danke schoen, Klaus. It is fun to see these birds in action.

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Looks like to me one of these birds didn’t want company. What an expression on the one birds face. Nice photo Greg.

FYI - Linda, they are a mated pair and I could show you the prior and subsequent photos. They have a nest with chicks about to fledge from which they each flew independently to this tree, and they have a second nest prepared to receive a new brood. The next several photos would show them engaging in coitus. The “look” on the face of the female kite is not something we should anthropomorphize - she is ready for sex or she would not have stayed in the tree and made ready as he flew in. Both of the “Encounter” photos I posted have a similar behavior on both birds and these are of different birds in different seasons.

Thanks Greg for taking the time to explain all of this . . . nature continues to constantly fascinate me.