This solitary tree is situated by the shore of a frozen and snow covered lake.I thought it not only looked lonely but sad in way, an impression strengthened by the fallen bransch.

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Mattias, You did a really nice job capturing this tree in these snowy conditions. The tree filling the frame works really nice here and I like that lone fallen branch and what it adds to the scene. Looks just like a pencil drawing and I’m enjoying that. Very nice!

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Great job with this one Mattias - this type of snowy scene with whiteout type conditions is interesting for me …

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Wonderful high key shot, Mattias. I like how the tree fills the frame. Would love to see a wider version as well, if you shot one.

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@Satie_Sharma @Mark_Price @Nick_Bristol Thank you all and each one for reaching out commenting on my picture. It means a great deal to receive such fantastic feedback. @Satie_Sharma Its slightly cropped but not to the extent where there is much more space.