Who am I?

Who am I?
(Jaapv) #1

First post on this forum.

I am an amateur nature photographer, specializing in African wildlife and general landscapes. I am a moderator of the Leica User Forum. Looking forward to participate in this forum.
I fully support the aims of this group, in fact, I have subscribed to them for many years.

(Erik Stensland) #2

Welcome Jaapv! We’re glad to have you here. We hope that you will participate in the many discussions we have going on right now. You may also benefit from checking out the larger Nature Photographers Network with its wildlife galleries. We look forward to getting to know you.

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(Harley Goldman) #3

Welcome aboard, Jaapv. I am looking forward to seeing your posts.

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(Raimon Santacatalina) #4

First participation in the forum.

My name is Raimon Santacatalina, Amateur Nature Photographer from Barcelona (Spain).
Congratulations for the fantastic initiative of Nature First, I think it’s great.
I put the link to my web page so that you can see a bit of my photographic work and know a little more about me

Raimon Santacatalina | Nature Photographer

Greetings to all!

(Tom Nevesely) #5

Welcome to NPN @jaapv and @raimon! I look forward to seeing your images.