Who says I have a big nose!?

Another pose…

I think this might be some kind of a fly , but not sure. Maybe someone knows! I’ve never seen anything like it though and thought it’s long nose (I know that’s not what it’s called!) looked funny.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Nikon D3400, ISO 800, 300mm, 1/2000, f6.3. Cropped


Nicely seen, Vanessa. I think this is called a Robber fly. The only reason I am guessing that is because I just saw (and photographed ) one yesterday and had to look it up. Yes, I would agree about the nose. Also, was fascinated how the fly kept still and seemed to be watching me. Great capture.

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Vanessa, this is a great capture of a fairly fast-moving critter (I can’t remember what someone called it when I posted one a year or so back). Very nice job though on both images. I think because I can see his face better I like the second shot best.

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Yeah, I think you’re right @linda_mellor There’s a few similar but I think the Robber is the most like it. Thanks!

Thanks, @Shirley_Freeman ! Yeah, I tend to like the face on shots the best too with animals!

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Cool – it does look capable of robbery! Nicely capture and presented! You’ve been finding some great material lately!

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Thanks, so much, @Diane_Miller , glad you like it! This and the web were actually both from over a year ago! I take way too many pictures and also don’t sometimes know what I really like or not. (Unless it’s a turkey vulture! :slight_smile: ) !

What a cool little thing. This actually looks more like a bee-fly ( Bombyliidae) species. They mostly hover over flowers to gather the nectar and pollinate them. It’s thought that the hovering helps them avoid predators like crab spiders. They do have a dark side and are parasitical nesters. They dig up and insert their own eggs into ground nesting bee nests. The fly larvae eat the pollen and nectar the mother bee put in for her own young, and then devour the eggs or bee larvae, too.


Cool, neat facts about this creature with a sword for a nose! @Kris_Smith , do you think they actually use it to help them dig? Their latin name makes me think of Tom Bombadil!