Great horned owl caught at sunset.

Specific Feedback Requested

I had to do a little clean up around the hard black edge. Is it looking alright?

Technical Details

Hello Peter: Welcome to NPN and thank you for sharing your image.

Very cool silhouette of the Great Horned. The colors are very interesting and add to the image.

I do see a halo most of the way around the owl. I did a quick clean up to see the difference. Subtle change, but it is there.

Looking forward to more of your images and your participation in commenting on the work of other photographers. That’s the only way that NPN can work is full participation. Welcome again to NPN.

PS. I’m moving this image to the Avian Critique Gallery since the subject is a bird. The Wildlife Critique gallery is for nearly all other forms of wildlife.

Welcome to NPN, Peter. Great silhouette shot and neat sunset colors.

Hi Peter
Love the story, your Great Horned Owl is telling.