Look through the window

The weather still like summer

Autumn after all

Specific Feedback Requested

All feedback is more than welcome and appreciated .

Technical Details

Nikon D850, lens 24-7- at 62mm, F11, 1/20 Iso 200


Lovely soft lighting and feel, Ben. I am so enjoying the words of your Haiku poem also. Thank you for sharing with us.

I agree with Linda. This is a very good Haiku for this image. I don’t suppose it’s easy to come up with ones. I have difficulty with just a title much less a poem.

I knew this was your image Ben when I first laid eyes on it. What a wonderful glow you achieved on this one. The trees through the window perfectly compliment this scene.

As always, Ben, I love your haikus. They go so well with your compositional perspective of the landscape. Very dreamlike and magical looking. You always are able to present the trees and woods you visit as comfortable old friends. Beautifully captured.


I can’t speak to the poetry… but most certainly the image speaks to me. This is delightful. And a word that I don’t recall get’s used much in critiques, but I find this uplifting.

Simple and very inviting scene. Great vision Ben - as per your usual style.


A simply lovely scene, Ben. And with your trademark lighting too. Absolutely wonderful.

This is very nice Ben.
I always feel comfortable with your images.

The light, color and feel of this are just wonderful Ben and the developing is perfect. If I had a suggestion in the field, it would have been to try a slightly lower perspective with the camera to see a little more of that intriguing background and a little less of the immediate foreground.

Wonderful image. It has a timeless feel to it.

I like the image as well as the haiku very much. The light and colors are just gorgeous. I like the composition as welll even if I agree with the comment given by Sean.

I knew this was yours from the thumbnail Ben. As usually splendid light and composition. I love it.

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Haiku, enjoying, trees as friends, delightful , knowing its yours, trade mark, comfortable , perfect development , timeless, light and composition.
All these comments on only one of my images. TO MUCH ! Thank you all.
And to @Sean_Bagshaw my TK video teacher where it all comes from. I am 75 years young , so lower becomes more difficult. But I keep trying.


I am with you, Ben, and will be 75 sooner than I think. . . .lower gets harder and harder to do. . . gracefully :rofl:

I’m 75 as well. What do you know? I thought I was the old man on this board. Climbing down into those Zion canyons this year was, err, challenging.

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As always, wonderful lighting on a wonderful composition. I worked with a friend/co-worker who wrote Haiku’s for the department we worked for. They were hung in the elevator for students to read. He gave me 2 small books of Haiku’s he wrote. I grew to love them. I like your Haiku very much!! Two lovely gifts you are giving us. Thank you.