Windy Full Moon

Hiking down from shooting a sunset in Rocky Mountain National Park, I stopped to appreciate the full moon-rise. Cold and windy, ready for dinner, and with numb fingers the gear came out and this image tells the story. Was it worth it?

It was! It’s a bit creepy! I can’t see an image on the main page but the enlargement shows up nicely. (Same in Firefox and Chrome. I’ve been having some frustrating issues getting images to come up, with both browsers, seemingly at random.)

Definitely worth it. The music from a Night on Bald Mountain comes to mind.

I think it’s well worth it. I used to try and shoot moonlit clouds like this back in the days of velvia but was never successful do to the limited DR and high contrast.

Matt, this was definitely worth it. Very eerie looking, like something from a film noir movie.
I’m glad you fought off the cold to stop long enough to capture this , it’s a very interesting image.