Wingnut tree

After a long search I have a name " wing nut tree ". With as they say " winged fruits ". This beauty found at the local park.
I had some work in PP to get the colors as they were. I think I succeeded .

Specific Feedback Requested

All feedback or suggestions are more than welcome !

Technical Details


I think the colors are gorgeous, as is the entire image! What an interesting tree! I love the shapes of the trunk and branches, supporting the graceful branches. I wonder about a slight gradient burn at the top to balance the bottom. My eye wants to keep wandering up the lovely branches.

The complicated trunk and branches are awesome Ben. The vegetation is quite attractive and fills out the rest of the image nicely.

Wonderful image, Ben. It’s like a candelabra, or a chandelier hanging from the ceiling.


@Diane_Miller , @Igor_Doncov , @John_Williams , Good to see you appreciate my wing nut tree !! Thank’s.

Excellent image Ben. I really like the square crop too; it really helps focus the composition and I like the balance between the “winged” fruit hanging and the inclusion of the trunk and understory.

I might agree with burning down the top a little bit. At the same time, raise the darkest shadows a tad. Not sure if there’s any detail in the raw, but would like to see a little more of the trunck structure. But both are pretty minor.