Winter Design

Some photographs I made on a chilly winter morning after a storm came through and blew sheets of ice onto the shore of a partially frozen lake. I came to this spot 3 days in a row until the ice eventually melted into a large, formless blob.

Technical Details

These were all photographed with my telephoto lens at different focal lengths. Just for some fun context, some of these sheets were as large as a manhole cover. Pretty sure I focus stacked one or two of these. Can’t remember for sure.


Great ice images Eric! The patterns are amazing.

Wonderful ice patterns, Eric. I especially like the third image. Feels like I could reach down and pick up a sliver of ice.

Nice series for sure. I live on a part of the Wisconsin river that is dammed up and downstream from me so ice forms and breaks up like this a lot and I love playing in it as well. Makes winter a bit more fun.