Winter Dream

Winter Dream

(Ruben Kretzschmar) #1

Winter scene in a hilly landscape in northern Switzerland (near Zurich) in early morning light. It was a perfect morning, with a fresh snow cover from the previous day and beautiful weather for sunrise – simply a winter dream!

(Fuji XT-3, 70.2mm, ƒ/14, 1/80s, ISO 160

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(Nick Bristol) #2

Beautiful winter scene. A wonderful combination of conditions and light. Nice work!

(Kathy Snead) #3

This is just wonderful. Looks like a gorgeous photo to hang on the wall. Love how the eye follows the tree line up in the zig zag.

(Kathy Barnhart) #4

This is one of the most pleasing snow scenes I have seen posted on this website. The soft light and unblemished snow, the trees and sharpness throughout, the composition, all just make this one to keep looking at for a long time.

(Lon Overacker) #5

Oh My, Oh My. This is simply exquisite. Few words are required. Thanks for sharing Ruben!

(Dan Kearl) #6

Terrific winter scene…Print it is all I can say…

(Minhaz Sarker) #7

Fantastic shot! I love how my eye zig zags through it but also love the balance in the image. The empty space near the the bottom right tree, left tree, and top right trees is almost identical which is so satisfying!

(Ben van der Sande) #8

Ruben, you helpt me to get over no more skiing(age). A wonderful image in a nice composition. Well made !

(Carlos Cuervo) #9

Very calm shot. Almost feels like silence when you look at the scene.

(Erik Stensland) #10

This is truly delightful! That bit of haze in the air together with the warm light on the cold scene really makes this sing!

(Keith Bauer) #11

This is one of those images where all of the pieces form much more than their individual parts. The light and shadow, the sharp, the diffuse, the cool and warm. Very pleasing.

(Tony Siciliano) #12

Fabulous shot, and even more fabulous composition!

(Brent Clark) #13

This is wonderful! It looks like one of those scenes where you could make a slew of great images out of all the different elements and light shapes going on.

(Patricia Brundage, MNEC) #14

Pristine, delicate, great composition showing all the elements to their best advantage… etc. Just print it large and hang it proudly!

(Ruben Kretzschmar) #15

Thank you very much for your nice comment, Nick!

(Ruben Kretzschmar) #16

Thank you very much, Kathy! I also really liked these steps in the hill slope. I will certainly try to make a nice print of this one!

(Ruben Kretzschmar) #17

I greatly appreciate all your nice comments, thank you all so much! I am glad to hear that the image works so well, for the same reasons I liked it so much: The steps in the hill slope, the distribution of different trees or groups of trees, sharp elements and soft areas with slight fog. I will definitely try to make a nice print.

(Eugene Theron) #18

This is really smart Reuben!! I love how all the the trees are lit but you still have shadow and layers. really nicely put together

(Ed McGuirk) #19

Simply spectacular, the quality of light here is exquisite. Beautiful !!!

(Hank Pennington) #20

Wow. Without reading your account I would have sworn this is Dallas Divide near Telluride in Colorado. And that’s a compliment. Showing my naivete, I don’t associate this kind of scenery with Switzerland. Stunning light and shadow, composition and framing.