Winter Etching Glascarnoch

Glascarnoch River, Highlands, Scotland.

At the end of a very fine winter day on the outskirts of a tiny hamlet at Garve I waited by the Glascarnoch river for the sun, already partially obscured by the filligree of birch twiggery, to become further tempered by a veil of mist and cloud rising off the super chilled snow. Needless to say contrast was an issue, but this very accurately mimics my experience of the bone creeping bitter cold, tangible in the last vestiges of the silent gloom of that muted lemon light.

Fuji GFX50S, GF32-64mm zoom,

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Beautiful, Ian. The image has a haunting, cold and almost Arctic feel to it.

The light makes this image for me, both in the sky and on the water. I agree with Harley about the arctic feel to it.

Man this looks cold! The light in this scene is absolutely lovely Ian.

This is such a wonderful winter scene Ian. Love the light and the trees certainly look like an etching.

Nicely done, Ian, a chillingly somber winter scene . The reflected water light is a fine element,

I love how the golden light looks in the sky and river. The golden glow takes the edge off what otherwise looks like a bitterly cold day. Contrast looks fine to me, very fitting for this time of day. If anything the deep shadows enhance the golden glow. Nice work Ian.

The light is outstanding. I can feel the cold stillness and sense of peace. The the image is mostly horizontal lines enhances that still, meditative feeling. Beautifully seen and executed.