Winter Hillside

Winter Hillside

(Ed McGuirk) #1

I was attracted to the trees on this snowy hillside in Franconia Notch, NH. I thought their bare, stark limbs created a nice contrast against the snow and fog in the scene. Kind of a minimalist scene but it struck a chord with me.

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(Nick Bristol) #2

This is really interesting and I’m enjoying it very much. I too like the stark conditions with the bare trees and fog but then that lone pine just kind of made it for me. Really nice work!

(Lon Overacker) #3

My kinda scene and image Ed. The fog seals in the scene nicely and I particularly like the lone conifer as a place for the eye to return to. Good job with the color and WB as well. Enjoying this one.


(Patricia Brundage, MNEC) #4

Reminds me of the Bershires where the trees’ dark shapes are emphasized by the white snowy backdrop. That lone conifer makes this image complete.

(Alberto Patiño Douce) #5

This is a real winner, Ed. I’m not sure that I would call it minimalist, it is perhaps a bit busy for that qualifier, but in terms of a very limited color palette it is indeed minimalist, and that is exactly what makes it work for me. I imagine a contrasty B&W working very well too.

(Ed Lowe) #6

The subdued color of the trees works beautifully with the white snow, Ed. I also like the way the trees along the ridge disappear into the fog as it adds a nice air of mystery to the image. Great eye to spot and isolate this scene. The solitary evergreen is a nice touch.

(Anil Rao) #7

This image has a strange kind of beauty … very haunting in nature. Something about desolate places that I absolutely love.

Really well done Ed.

(Kathy Barnhart) #8

This is a unique and pleasing shot. I especially like the many small lines of the bare trees against the white snow, the fog at the top, and the one evergreen tree. This is the kind of image I could look at for a long time.

(Ed McGuirk) #9

@Nick_Bristol @Lon_Overacker @Patricia_Brundage @Alberto_Patino-Douce @Ed_Lowe @Anil_Rao
@Kathy_Barnhart Thank you all very much your comments and input, they are much appreciated.

@Alberto_Patino-Douce, I guess you are right, this is not really a minimalist image, instead I think I should have said the composition is relatively simple.

(Mark Seaver) #10

The bare trees in all the white look great, Ed. An intriguing semi-abstract.

(Ian Wolfenden) #11

A most unusual and very creative composition and presentation. Love the graphic feel and the way your eye is drawn here and there across the boundless woodland.