Winter Sunrise @ T.R.B

A very cold and windy winter sunrise @ Teetering Rock Butte.

Not too much to add beyond this was a good elevated area that gave a decent vantage point on this scene. Things were a bit precarious with ice patches on the shadowed rock area that I was setup in. Although it was a good wind break for the LF gear, but still only around 25 degrees in the small shaded alcove.

Wista DXIII 4x5 - Schneider 150mm - 2stop soft grad - Velvia 50


A nice view of an fascinating rock formation. Great crack lines in the rock in addition to the balancing act.

I always appreciate the colors of your images.

@Harley_Goldman @Igor_Doncov, thank you both for taking a look as well as your kind comments too.

The lines in the rocks are catching and the warm light goes well with the gentle blue sky.

The golden light on those unusual rocks is great Paul - nice work !

Light, colors, shapes all blend together in a perfect and sweet combination. I didn’t have a sense of the scale until I noticed the small yucca trees at the bottom right.

The red glow is lovely Paul. I am also enjoying the crisp details.

Paul, I love the warm light and tones on these formations you got here. The clear gradient in the sky works quite well against the layered distant topography. With Velvia 50 the details must be magnificent on a big print. Fine work and worth your efforts.

Paul, This is impressive. The light, colors, textures and details are all just wonderful. Beautiful image.

Just superb, Paul. Has that gorgeous Velvia colors and some beautiful warm light.