Winter Tree

Lock down has started at mid Autumn, persisted through the Winter, and is still in place in early Spring… I was looking forward to hikes on higher elevation and some nice winter scenes this year. Unfortunately, this could not be. Having said that, we were lucky to get some snow a couple of times, for which I am grateful. Here’s a snowy pine tree, from an afternoon stroll, just outside my front door.

  • Fujifilm X-T4
  • XF 16-80 @ 23.5mm
  • f8, 1/9sec, ISO 800

Nikos, I appreciate your composition a lot. The foreground trunk anchores it aptly for me, while the repetitive pattern of the other trees leads me into the distance in an appealing way. There is also a kind of analog look to this photograph that fits in well with the atmosphere of the scene in my opinion. Maybe the classical beauty of the bokeh of your lens contributes this character, too.

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Hi Peter, thank you for your kind words here… glad you liked it :slight_smile: