Winter Tree

Whenever I get to visit southern Utah, a stop at Dead Horse State Park is a must. The gaping maw of the earth confronts the visitor, staggering the senses, a truly overwhelming sight. That being said, there are other things of interest to see, treasures easily overlooked in our haste to see the canyon. And this is one of them. I’m always struck by the grace of the living organism when I make my way through the park. Elegant, dignified and always standing proud…winter tree.

Fuji X-T2
Fujifilm 55-200mm

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That’s an elegant subject Mark; it made me think of a Bonsai tree. BW works well to further refine it.

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Oh, this is just super. The snow-covered rocks really lend to the air of gracefulness - no sharp edges.


Thanks John! Very kind words.

Thanks Bonnie! Glad you like it!

Great subject, textures and composition. Also like your choice of black & white. The detail in the snow and the lines in the trunk of the tree stand out to me as well as the shadows that give depth. Well done.

Thanks Patricia!

Wonderful! Coincidentally, I have photographed the same tree, from nearly the same point of view, with very different results at a different time of year, and I have a copy of a picture of this tree in a night scene with polar star trails behind it, not mine, but I can’t figure out where I found it to give the maker credit. But we’re on our way to a show with 3 images of the same tree!

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Funny isn’t it? Have you posted your images of the tree? I’m curious to see your interpretation.

I just joined today, and posted it. Let me know if you find it!

Elegant and strong, Mark. I love the emotive Weatern aesthetic. Great balance. You use the upward perspective very well to isolate the subject and provide only a few contextual clues.

Cheers Matt! Very kind and glad you like the image!