Winter Trees

I seem to be on a roll so I’ll continue to produce for the Photo
Art gallery! This is a compilation of two photos, one of bare trees in Yosemite and the other a textured background. I’m not too happy with the bottom part of the picture but will keep working on it.

Pertinent technical details or techniques to help others learn:

Please do not critique this image. Galleries are for sharing and discussion only.
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Another nice one!

I like what you’ve done here. Neat background and there’'s a nice sense of depth to the trees. I could see this having commercial appeal. You commented you weren’t happy with the bottom. A suggestion, not a critique, would be to crop some of the bottom away.

Just seeing this now - I guess we were in Australia when you posted this.
Beautiful! Love the detail and the colours.
Very creative and exceptionally talented work -