Winter Woods

The Oregon rainforest. This was taken in the Mount Hood National Forest in Oregon.

Please list any pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

Nikon D810 - Nikkor 20mm f/2.8 - Single 1/2 sec exposure - f/16 - ISO-200 - Lightroom/PS


I love the mood created by the dark to light gradient. Great composition.

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A great capture, Gary. I have never had to privilege of going to Oregon, so scenes like this make me want to go even the more.

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It wasn’t until I viewed the largest version that I could really appreciate how excellent this is. Love the light, the colors, the composition, the exposure and, as Bill says: “(T)he mood created by the dark to light gradient”.

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Thank you Bill. I appreciate that very much. I love the depth that light and dark can give to a photo.

Thank you Shirley. Oregon has everything that a photographer could want. Oceans, hills, valleys, glacial peaks, deserts, forests, rimrock, canyons… name it and Oregon probably has it. :wink:


Gosh Jim I appreciate that a lot. Thank you so very much.

No doubt, this image is a “wall-hanger.” Stellar processing brings this scene to life.

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Hi Ken. Thank you. I appreciate that. :smiley: Cheers!!

The quality of light at the top is what makes this image special to me, and I, too, love the gradation from dark to light.

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Hi @Kathy_Barnhart Thank you. I appreciate your comment. :smiley:

Love this, Gary! Especially the balance of the curved, mossy trees. 1/2 second on creeks I am a sucker for, so soothing!

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@Jeff_Anderson In most cases it’s the perfect shutter speed for cricks, as far as I’m concerned. :wink: It gives texture to the water instead of a bunch of whiteness.

I love using water patterns such as this as a component of the composition. It fills negative space and usually provides texture and a lead in.

Thank you Jeff.

Love the light entering at the top on those beautiful mossy branches! The S curve in the water gives a great line and the overal transition of light gives mood and depth. Beautiful work!

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@Ron_Jansen I’ll call it mission accomplished then. :wink: Thank you so very much for your input. I appreciate it.

Stunning! - deserves to be printed BIG and hung in a prominent spot.

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Beautiful composition Gary. I love the way the light from brighter to darker flows with the water and how the creek expands across the base. The motion of the flow is also amazing, nice job.

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@Dan_DellaChiesa Thank you Dan. I’m tempted. :slight_smile:

@Dean_Salman Thank you. I appreciate that a lot. I was with a couple of other photographers that day that looked at this complex forest scene and couldn’t see a photo in it. I walked in, found this spot and took the shot. In this case the photo benefited more from what was left out than what was left in. :slight_smile: This was also very near the side of a forest road. I didn’t have to work very hard for it.

Dark, moody, colorful…just spectacular overall.

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Really inspirational Gary; I need to get out and explore the lower elevations in winter more. I love the glow at the top leading to dark moodiness at the bottom, and agree that the water textures you brought out add so much.

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