Wonder Wall

One of the most impressive light displays I encountered during a 17 day family trip to Iceland. Light was at at premium on the trip, but when it did appear it was pretty magical.

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Hand held at 102mm, f/11, 1/125 second – a bit soft still…

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Single exposure

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Stunning light! Well captured

Pretty damn cool capture. Very LOTR

Thanks Aaron – I felt a touch of the LOTR vibe while shooting out there as well!

This is a great lesson in how light makes a scene. The light shining on the waterfall adds so much visual interest - and helps capture the crazy moods of Iceland so well. So nice, Mike! :slight_smile:

Thanks Sarah – appreciate the positive and insightful feedback (not the I would have minded if it were negative and insightful :grin:). Light ruled the day in Iceland for me. Whenever it appeared I just tried to follow it’s lead and work with it. Once in a while it turned out well.

Bollino! This looks really good man. I dig the tonality and empahsis on the part of the scene that you’d expect to be emphasized!

Hey thanks man! Much appreciated

The light makes all difference in the world. In fact that is what we actually capture, and you captured some pretty special light.

What an epic photograph! So much mood, and drama in a single exposure.

I like the sweeping lines and dappled light Michael.