Working the Wheat Field

I was out this morning looking at the edge of the wheat field for Ladybugs, and saw this Jumping Spider about 2 1/2 feet into the wheat, and I respect the farmer’s crop, so couldn’t get as close as I would like to.

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything you can think of to improve the image.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Taken with Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon 100 mm f2.8 L Macro lens, HH at f16, 1/200, ISO 320 (all manual settings), with KX-800 twin flash with diffuser. Edited in LR (fairly large crop), and Topaz AI.


I like this image. It’s a shame about the wheat field border, but good call to respect the farmers. I think you did a good job with composition here, balancing the wide-open space with the second straw to the right. The strands of spider silk also tie it all together showing behavior.

Resolution is what it is with the large crop and I think this probably is as sharp as it can be. The background shows banding though, which you probably could address (unless of course this is jpg artifacts from uploading to NPN)

Good job all in all!

Thank you so much, Ingemar. I appreciate you viewing and commenting. My old eyes aren’t letting me see the banding, so maybe I did crop too much. I did allow Topaz AI to sharpen and remove any noise, so that could be the issue. I shoot in RAW, always, but, like you said, loading it into this site as jpg could also have a play in it. Thanks again.

Wonderful, Shirley. For me (and my old eyes) the detail in the spider is spot on. It looks as tho’ he’s keeping his eyes on you. I also like the composition with the two straws balancing out each other. The “banding” didn’t bother me - I thought it was simply the way the light had caught the field behind the spider. . . but then again could just be my eyes. You did an amazing job, one I aspire to someday. Very nicely seen and captured.

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I don’t know about the banding, Shirley - I’ll leave that up to more knowledgeable photographers than me. But the spider looks sharp to me, and the silky threads are a nice touch. Well spotted and photographed.

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