Worm in the ice

While chasing icestracts last week, a bright white bit caught my eyes. When I focused, it was an earthwork that was partly out on the ice, with it’s front in the water and waving around. This is a single shot where the slow shutter speed left me surprised to get acceptable sharpness in the under ice parts of the worm , along with decent sharpness in the patterns created by the ice and the underwater vegetation. (7D2, 100-400 @ 200, 0.5 s, f/13, iso 400, tripod)

Now that is just to cool, Mark. Who would have thought of finding an earth work with ice. A great find and capture. I am also really enjoying the patterns and colors of the ice. Nice.

Incredible Mark. Gotta ask, was the earthworm alive? It is always fascinating observing nature like this. Once again, you’ve gotten great colors and reflections in the ice. Totally am enjoying your “icestracts.” Thanks for posting/sharing them.

@linda_mellor, the worm was definitely alive. It seemed to be checking out the water (waving back and forth). Shortly after I took this it crawled into the water a swam away. The big question for me is, “How did it make a hole in the ice?”


Amazing image! It tells a story. Love the kaleidoscopic colors and patterns underneath and the texture of ice.

Amazing Mark, that is very unusual. The poor worm is thinking what a day. I enjoy the entire comp with the ice structure with the other things under the ice.